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Bluff City Sports Association 2019 Softball Rules

  1. Official Game: An official game must be started with a minimum of seven (7) active players per team or the team must forfeit. At least seven of those players must be from that team’s roster. To avoid a forfeit the team may ask up to 2 additional active players from another team in order to field a team of (9) players, which must be documented on the back of the official line-up card, and signed by both team coaches/managers. You may not add a tenth player. If a player from your team shows up, he/she must replace the pick-up player. The pick-up player must bat in the 9th position in the batting order. Teams with 9 players will take the automatic out for the 10th position in the batting order. NO PICK UP PLAYERS FOR END OF SEASON TOURNAMENT.
  2. Grace Period: Teams have a 10 minute grace period to field a team of 9 players. The 10 minute grace period time will come ‘off’ the game clock during this time.
  3. Uniforms: Every player on a team must have like shirts with a number on his or her uniform. There will be a 2-week grace period after the start of the season for teams to secure uniforms. Teams must still have numbers as part of any temporary uniform.
  4. Jewelry: No jewelry is allowed. Jewelry that cannot be removed must be covered (tape).
  5. Cleats: No metal cleats/spikes permitted.
  6. Official Ball: The official game ball will be furnished by BCSA based on choice of NAGAAA for the yearly World Series.
  7. Bats: All bats must be ASA/USA Softball certified. Any player caught with an illegal bat will be called out and disqualified from that game. Bats for league play MUST be approved by the Memphis Park Services yearly and must have an approval sticker. NO EXCEPTIONS !!!
  8. Home Team: The home team will be determined by random schedule assignment. The SECOND team listed on the schedule will be the home team. The home team will keep the official score book and check with the opposing team after each inning to ensure each team has the same score.
  9. Scorebook: Each team must have a scorekeeper and lineup provided 5 minutes prior to start of game.
  10. Line Up Cards: Please have first name, last name, and jersey number on the lineup card. Subs should be listed on the appropriate area of the card. You DO NOT have to list their playing position. NO FIRST NAMES ONLY ON THE LINEUP CARDS.
  11. 1-1 count: Each batter will start at the plate with a 1-1 count. Batter will be allowed a courtesy foul.
  12. Designated hitter: A line-up may contain two (2) designated hitters for a total of 12.
  13. Homerun Rule: Two (2) over the fence home runs per team. All others will be recorded as an out.
  14. Courtesy Runner: One courtesy runner is allowed per inning. The courtesy runner can be anyone on your lineup card, if the courtesy runner is scheduled to bat in the lineup and is still on base an out will be recorded and that batter skipped.
  15. Game length: Game length is 55 minutes or 7 innings. No new innings can begin after 55 minutes. Please check game start time with home plate umpire. Umpires will also have a timer that will count down from 55 minutes, and this clock will start after the exchange of lineups when the umpire states for teams to “take the field”. If the home team is ahead and batting at the end of time, the game is over. If the visiting team is batting, the inning will be finished.
  16. Mercy Rule: Each team will be limited to scoring no more than SIX (6) runs per inning for the first three (3) innings. Beginning with the 4th inning each team will be allowed unlimited runs. A game will be called if a team is ahead by 15 or more runs after 4 innings or 10 or more runs after 5 innings.
  17. Injuries: Any player with an open, bleeding wound MUST leave the game immediately until the bleeding has been stopped or has been properly bandaged. The umpire has final authority to allow or not the player to continue in the game. The game may be halted for a maximum of 5 minutes to allow the player to comply without penalty (no time will come off the game clock). After 5 minutes, a substitute must take the place of the injured player. A substitute for this or any other injured player must take the same position in the batting order as the injured player. The injured player may come back into the game for the substitute player.
  18. Substitution: A substitution may be made for any player in the batting order or in the field with another player on the roster. The substitute player must bat in the same position as the player replaced. A player may be substituted only once per game.
  19. Tie-Breakers: Regular season games may end in a tie after 7 innings or the expiration of time. The International Tie Breaker rule will be in effect during league tournament games only.
  20. Field Conditions- Before play begins: If weather conditions do not allow for fielding of players or conditions exist that otherwise would be considered unsafe for player a game as determined by the Park Commission, those games will be rescheduled by the League Scheduling committee. Call 901-323-0023 to check on field playability. We will TRY to make a determination of field playability by 11AM if possible – please check the Face Book page, Social Media page, your email, or text messages for updates after that time frame.
  21. Field Conditions -After Play begins: In the event of a change in weather conditions after the games begins, the head umpire or field director can suspend a game until weather conditions improve. If a game is suspended, play will begin at the exact point it was suspended. If the weather conditions do not improve, the umpire, in consultation with the Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner, in the absence of the Commissioner, shall cancel the games for the remainder of the day. If a game is I called before it is an official game, the game will be rescheduled and will resume at the point where the game was stopped with the score as it stands. All remaining scheduled games shall be rescheduled. If a game is called after being considered a completed game, the score and the standings shall be entered and called a complete game.
  22. Completed Game: A complete game, if called or suspended, shall be after five (5) innings of play or after four and one half innings if the home team is a head in the score. If no score at this point, suspended games will be rescheduled.
  23. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Unsportsmanlike conduct WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. The umpire will determine unsportsmanlike conduct. Any player ejected must speak with Andrew Fisher, Director of Athletics first and then meet with the BCSA board members before they can play again.
  24. Non Contact Rule: No player is ever forced to slide. The decision should be made personally, after reviewing sliding skills with the coach. A player cannot run over a player with the ball. This could result in automatic ejection of the player committing the offense. This rule also applies to breaking up a double play. If a runner stays in the baseline and is hit with the ball or prevents the fielder from making a throw to complete a double play by staying in the in the baseline, then the base runner and the batter/runner shall be called out. This rule applies to double play attempts at any base. This is an umpire judgment call and conforms to USA Softball rules. Note: Teams should teach all players, especially catchers and first base position players where to properly stand During the execution of a double play. In the case of first base, a player should never cross the path of the Runner in an effort to make the play. The catcher should stand in front of the player and attempt to tag once They have to the ball.
  25. Prior to at bat: Outfielders are not allowed to be on the infield dirt prior to the at bat. All outfielders must remain on the grass until the ball is batted. If outfielders are on ‘standing in the dirt area’ prior to the ball Being batted, the batter is awarded first base.
  26. Prior to the any games played during league or tournament play the first team arriving will be responsible for the installation of the dugout tarps at each field. At the completion of the days games the exiting team will be responsible for removing the dugout tarps. All water coolers should be returned empty to the field house (bathroom area) upon completion of that fields games for the day.

Updated 1/22/2017

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